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27 Giugno 2022
On my device which is a GE66Raider, it seems that from 2/3 weks the amount of memory displayed on the dragon Center app is hitting 45% most of the time with any program open except from Dragon Center itself, when i click on 'free the memory' just a bunch of megabyte are out. Sometimes (i don't know why) when i open the laptop i have only 33/35% of the memory, can someone explain me why this happens and what are the things the increase the amount of memory displayed on the dragon center?? Also because the laptop gets very hot when the value of the memory is high while i have open just that app.
I tried to uninstall heavy programs and free some storage but i think the memory topic regards more how many apps are open simultaneously, am i right? How can i fix that and not have my laptop getting hot immediately after power on?


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11 Aprile 2019
Hi Federico, you have to check your open app, i suggest you to check with task manager and monitoring how many MB are consumed by each app.

I also suggest you to disable some background application, to reduce the use of memory.

Let me know if you have any doubt.